Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the 2019 Tri State Independent Theatre Association Convention!

As always, THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend and have some fun with us! We love getting to catch up with you all and making some fantastic memories.

We see this convention as a time where theatre owners, employees, and vendors can come together and learn from one another.   Our hope is that the content we provide will strengthen your business.  We want you, your employees, and your theatre to be successful!

Last but most importantly, I want to thank all our volunteers and sponsors! We would not be able to put this show on without you.  Your time is so valuable and we appreciate you!  Thank you to our sponsors who give generously each and every year.

Thank you guys for a fantastic two years!! It has been my pleasure serving you!  See you around!

Maggie Blank

T.S.I.T.A President